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A Message from Liz Trotter, Owner, American Maid Cleaning

I am Liz Trotter, the owner of American Maid Cleaning, LLC. I have been actively involved in the Cleaning Service Industry since 1986.

I’ve lived in Olympia since 1984. My immediate family is small, consisting of my husband Tim and my son Gavin who is 14 years old. My daughter Shara is 28 and lives in Kansas. She moved to the South to go to college and fell in love with it and is quite content making her home there these days.

As the eldest of 8 children I have been in service and caring since I can remember. I am proud to work with the people I do and to provide the services we do. I love making your day better!

My passion for cleaning homes began at the age of 11. It was how I stood out from my 7 siblings! I cleaned circles around everyone and felt good doing it-I still do today!! It’s also where I began learning about Leadership. Trust me when I tell you that if you want to get the best from your 7 siblings you’d better have a few tricks up your sleeve!

My commitment to each and every home owner is to do what you want done the way you want it done utilizing g only people who are trustworthy. I will work tirelessly to earn your faith through constant training and communication.

Game Plan

We pledge to improve lives by treating each person as if they are the most important one.

Our Strategy

  • Provide individualized service, instilling trust, and building long-term relationships with our Fans and our Players
  • Acknowledge and utilize the unique differences of each Player
  • Provide a nurturing and safe environment that encourages personal growth
  • Listen and respond to the needs of our community through donations and volunteerism.
  • Give more than we take

A Vision of Excellence

Whether it's a client, employee, or any other community member, we leave people's lives better than before they met us. We continue to raise the image of our industry in the community by providing necessary services to those in need -- free or at-cost service to women undergoing cancer treatment & our monthly community service projects help to illustrate our efforts.

Our philosophy is built on the core values of Understanding Personal Growth, Integrity, Communication, Caring, Commitment – UPICCC Power!!

We believe that everyone has a part to play in this life and it's our mission to work tirelessly toward helping each and every person get what they need to realize their own dreams.

It's why we know each one of our employees personally. We know what they need to be happy and fulfilled in their jobs. Every Team member we have is trained to take control of situations to provide you with the service that YOU want! We have never had an employee leave our company to work for another cleaning company!


With full credit to the Better Business Bureau and the National Center for Character Ethics, we would like to share our six TRUST! principles with you:

  • Transformation at the Top – Leaders are reflective and intentionally work to increase manifestations of their own high character in the culture.
  • Reinforce and Build – Leaders reinforce and build a culture of high character ethics.
  • Unite the Team – Leaders unify the organization around a clear purpose and compelling convictions.
  • Steer Performance – Leaders guide organizational performance by implementing high competency management practices.
  • Treasure People - Leaders prize the intrinsic value of people. !Enthusiastically Give Back! 


Our Community

Giving back through community outreach

At American Maid Cleaning, LLC we believe firmly that helping people is an important step on our path to self improvement. We are proud and grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community through these many associations. We realize that many of our Fans and Players too, routinely donate to the organizations of their choice – we applaud you and hope that you will not feel pressured in any way to make additional and/or unwise contributions. We rotate through the different organizations that we sponsor every other month simply as a resource for those wanting to contribute but not able to find the time or energy, etc. At your leisure, please click on the links provided below to learn how you can become involved in our efforts each month. Your donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

Thurston County Food Bank –

Animal Services –

Safe Place –

Community Youth Services –

Cleaning For a Reason –


The Salvation Army - 


Our Affiliations & Memberships

Achieving growth through strong relationships

At American Maid Cleaning, LLC we believe firmly that the true measure of success is one's ability and willingness to give back where there is a need. We are proud and grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community through the below listed associations. At your leisure, please click on the links provided below to learn how you can become involved. Thank you.

Association of Residential Cleaning Services International

As members we are dedicated to improving the image of residential cleaners through knowledge and standardization.


Business Networking International

Networking provides us with the opportunity to interact with business members and leaders in our community.


Thurston County Chamber of Commerce

As members of the chamber we have had numerous opportunities to support our communities. We look forward to becoming more active in the future. 


Cleaning For A Reason

We are Charter Members of this worthwhile charity that provides free or at-cost services to women under going cancer treatment. Please contact us for more information.

Cleaning Business Today

Cleaning Business Today is the first trade journal in the cleaning industry to combine the latest in tools and techniques with an equal balance of the best business practices. CBT is a cleaning magazine and website for anyone who owns or wants to start a cleaning business.

Global Cleaning Association

An association for cleaning service owners to continually learn about the newest trends in the industry.